Website & Diary of the

Euro 2002 Gliding Expedition

28 Jun - 14 Jul
  A Trans-Alpine Soaring Tour





This view of our Duo Discus (Ed and Andy) was taken from our ASH 25 (Robin and Barry) within a few hours of the start of the trip. Having launched from Birrfeld near Zurich, the pair have contacted wave over Wallensee in Eastern Switzerland and are around 10,000'

Photo: Robin May 29th June.

A group of glider pilots from the London Gliding Club led by Robin May and Ed Downham took a Duo Discus (LGC), an ASH-25 (13), an LS-4 (70) and a Robin tow plane on an expedition to the Swiss and Austrian Alps.

No particular location was planned, since the weather patterns would dictate our route and the airfields to be used. The main aim was to maximise the amount of cross country Alpine flying. Much research was done as to suitable airfields and potential cross countries, but the plan was rarely 24 hours in advance.

The diary pages show how the trip evolved. The result was a considerable amount of breath-taking and memorable Alpine flying for all members of the group. Many new friends were made from Gliding Clubs across the Alps.

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