Euro 2002 Gliding Expedition

Friday 28th June 2002: Departure from Dunstable


Ready for departure.


Three trailers arrive at Dover docks.


Meanwhile, YM set out to cross France...


...under a glider pilot's dream sky...

...finally arriving at Birrfeld, west of Zurich, by early evening.


Meanwhile, the rest of the group drove through the night to arrive by lunchtime the next day. Here, we are crossing the border from Germany into Swizerland.





Excerpts from Tom's diary...








The long anticipated departure day arrives and the team prepares to leave Dunstable. First to leave at midday on Friday are Robin and Peter in our Robin 300 Yankee Mike, destination Birrfeld airfield in Switzerland, via Troyes in France. They cross the Channel and proceed through France under a stunning sky with a cloudbase of 7000’, while the rest of the team gather during the afternoon and set off towing the three gliders, ASH25 "13", DuoDiscus "LGC" and LS-4 "70". By midnight we were leaving the ferry at Calais to start the long haul which saw the team united at midday on Saturday at Birrfeld.