Euro 2002 Gliding Expedition

Wednesday 10th June 2002: A day flying in the vicinity of Zell am See


Tom and Phil both flew the LS4.


The Duo, with Ed and Roger on board, did some serious rock-polishing on the Gross Glockner, the highest mountain in Austria. Located a few miles South of Zell-am-See.





After a few hours the weather developed into heavy showers. A strategic diversion to St. Johann was ordered for the Duo. The LS4, ASH and YM found shelter in the hangar at Zell am See



Zell am See, Austria

The day starts with cloud and high cover, and light winds, too light to allow launching 13, so the LS4 and the DuoDiscus are launched , the LS soars locally and the Duo gets established on the south facing slopes before crossing the valley to do some serious rockpolishing over the upper ski slopes and glaciers of Kaprun, reaching 11,000' in dynamic lift from the heated slopes. Increasing instability led to the development of thunderstorms and the Duo makes for St Johann in Tirol, landing in 20-30 knot gusting conditions and requiring a tie down before the heavy rain began. The crew were picked up and taken back to Zell to plan the following days' move to St Johann, to allow easier operation of the big gliders.