Euro 2002 Gliding Expedition

Tuesday 9th July 2002: The expedition moves to Zell am See


YM towed both gliders well into the mountains for the start of another Alpine cross-country. This was the Duo (Ed and Pete) enroute from Voslau to a release point North of Timmersdorf.

The journey westward followed the main valley in central Austria passing Trieben, Niederoblarn and the Dachstein towards Zell-am-See. The scenery was spectacular, here showing the mountains just East of the Grossglockner from the ASH (Robin and Tone).

Towards the end of the afternoon, cu-nims developed on the South side of the main divide from the Grossglockner to the Zillertal, but fortunately didn't cut off the North side. The convection eventually reached 13000' between Zell and the Gerloss Pass.

The ASH and Duo teamed up for a couple of hours over Zell and returned to the Gerloss Pass via the Kitzbuhlerhorn. From the high convection both gliders got into wave and soared to 17000' over Mayerhofen.


Meanwhile, Dave and Phil flew YM into Trieben, where Tom, Roger and Andy took it over for the rest of the journey to Zell am See.


Finally, the gliders, tug and cars all arrived at Zell am See.


Wiener Neustadt to Zell am See, Austria

The weather in the east is stabilising and becoming hotter and bluer. We elect to move from Wiener Neustadt to escape both the weather and the difficulties of operating from an active military site during the week. Our tug is allowed one tow so a complicated plan is hatched to get both 2 seaters out for long tows to the soarable conditions towards the west. The ASH spends a while in wave around 10,000’ just North of Timmersdorf awaiting the Duo. Conditions improve steadily to the West of Trieben with strong climbs to 11,000’ and eventually 13,000’. The gliders meet up near Zell am See and fly together, passing Kitzbuhl and on to the Gerloss Pass, eventually finding wave and climbing to 17,000’. The remainder of the team set off, split between the tug and the trailers, with an intermediate personnel change at the gliding club at Trieben to allow everyone a change from driving. All meet up at Zell and we are welcomed by Bert, tug pilot and manager of the local gliding club.