Euro 2002 Gliding Expedition

Saturday 29th June 2002: Arrival in Switzerland - the adventure begins



We lost no time in rigging the three gliders at Birrfeld and were soon on our way. Andy takes the first flight with Ed in the Duo..

...but not before Swiss efficiency and tidiness caused an English glider pilot some puzzlement.

The first launch of the expedition from Birrfeld, into a promising Swiss sky. (Barry and Robin in 13)

The Duo photographed over the spectacular Wallensee

Our first port of call, Mollis, a Swiss military airfield set in a deep U shaped valley in the NE part of the Swiss Alps.


The gliding club at Mollis gave us a fantastic reception and Ivo(left), one of their pilots, booked hotels for us.



Birrfeld to Mollis, Switzerland

The team united at midday on Saturday at Birrfeld. All gliders were quickly rigged and David in 70 was first to land at Mollis, our intended initial base, 75 km further east. 13 and LGC followed with a 5 and 4 hour soaring flight respectively, both including a climb to 11,000 ft in wave over Schanis. The trailers followed by road and we were given a warm welcome by the club members at Mollis.