Euro 2002 Gliding Expedition

Friday 5th July 2002: Schärding to Wiener Neustadt


The gliders took a long tow to the mountains and with a planned release in the Gmunden area. However, with the area still to commence convection, the tow continued over the Totes Gebirger from where the gliders could reach convection SE of Trieben.

Our trusty tug, YM, certainly earned its keep today with two position tows over a distance of about 80 km each, and an altitude of over 10,000 ft at the point of release. Later YM towed the LS4 to Wiener Neustadt.

The ASH25, flown by Robin and Andy May, near cloudbase at around 10,500 ft.

The Duo Discus was flown by Ed Downham and David Starer.

The scenery was superlative...


...and after a slightly slow start, soaring conditions became very good.


Scharding, Austria to Wiener Neustadt, Austria

The two seaters are to attempt a task running west-east along the Austrian mountains to bring them to Wiener Neustadt by evening ,with the LS4 being aerotowed to within gliding range of the airfield. Hot blue conditions at the airfield with a low inversion of 4000' limit the opportunity of starting from Scharding so YM undertakes a marathon tow of 40 mins and 54 miles SE to 10,000' to drop 13 and subsequently LGC for the start of a 600km task that took them west to Zell-am-See and eventually east to Wiener Neustadt, landing at 19.40.

LGC accompanied 13 for most of the task initially routing East to the small gliding club at Lanzen-Turnau, then turning West. As the flight progressed Westwards conditions became steadily better and better with 9kt climbs and the cloudbase rising to 11,000'. The return Eastwards to Wiener Neustadt began from the flanks of the Grossglockner, just South of Zell-am-See and over 250km from our goal, Wiener Neustadt. Conditions weakened considerably in the last 100km. LGC ending the flight with a nail-biting marginal 66 km final glide through the Semmering pass.

The LS4 was delivered to within gliding distance of Wiener Neustadt after a 200 km tow and the trailers caught up late in the evening, everyone being reunited over another magnificent club restaurant meal.