Euro 2002 Gliding Expedition

Wednesday 3rd July 2002: Samedan to Schärding


The weather at Samedan deteriorated, so after consulting all the available met. information, we decided the best place to move to would be Schärding, north of Salzburg

Robin, Ed and Peter flew YM from Samedan to Schärding, where we planned to fly for the next couple of days. The escape from the mountains was simplified since both Samedan and Schärding sit on the River Inn. 4000' height difference though.


On arrival at Schärding Eddie found his ideal aeropane!



After a seven hour drive, the road crew were delighted to find the steaks and beer were excellent.




Samedan, Switzerland to Schärding-Suben Austria.

We were greeted with cloud clinging resolutely to the hillsides and drizzle in the morning. Plans were revised to allow a jump to better weather prospects, so the gliders were derigged and plans made for a road transfer to Schärding-Suben , a small Austrian power/gliding site east of Munich.

YM took off when cloudbase rose to enable a northerly escape from the Engadine valley at 7000' asl followed by a spectacular run along the Nordkette, with a groundspeed of 140kts, engine throttled back and still going up! We met up at Schärding after a 290 mile drive, and enjoyed an excellent meal at the club restaurant late in the evening courtesy of the enthusiastic new chef.