Euro 2002 Gliding Expedition

Sunday 7th July 2002: Flying in the Weiner Neustadt local area


The ASH25 and Duo Discus both had wave climbs to around 8600 ft. in the area to the west of the airfield. Robin photographed this wave cloud with the peculiar overhanging top. Our local met. man, Hermann Trimmel, later explained that this is due to wind shear at the level of the top of the cloud.

Amazingly, this cloud was also associated with the wave, again with strong shear near the top.

The military airfield at Weiner Neustadt is vast; a 2 km circular area with grass runways.


A number of air sports share the airfield, including the parachute club who use this splendidly decorated twin turbo-prop.



Later, our Austrian hosts invited us to a wine tasting. This traditional event turned out to be a feast organised by a local vinyard to celebrate the previous year's wine.


Robin and Hermann Trimmel


Wiener Neustadt, Austria

Overcast and a 180 degree wind shift to the north. Four members of the team decided to have a cultural day in Vienna and the rest hoped that passage of the front would at least lead to some local soaring. Both 2 seaters again took winch launches to allow local flying with both gliders contacting low level wave to 8500’. In the evening we were the guests of some of the local pilots, led by Hermann Trimmel and his wife, who had arranged for us to attend a local “Heuriger”, this is traditional Austrian evening at a local vineyard, with much food to celebrate and taste the new wine.