Euro 2003

A 5 star gliding expedition

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Our Alpine trip for 2003 started with the opportunity to take-off from Dunstable. Aided by an aero-tow to the Kent coast our adventure began by gliding across the English Channel. 8 hours later we had landed at Epinal at the foot of the Vosges Mountains.

Eleven fascinating days followed covering a variety of distinctive areas from the Black Forest in Germany to a close up inspection of the Matterhorn, and from little seen corners of the Juliana Alps to our final landing at the foot of the Jura Mountains. Often battling with the seemingly ever present afternoon thunderstorms and usually not knowing where the flight would take us or where our eventual landing place would be, as we took to the air each day.

Our ASH25 carried us for 72 hours and over 5000 kms over some of the most stunning scenery Europe has to offer. Seven different airfields provided us with launches, all were most helpful and welcoming.

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Robin May - Ed Downham - Roger Colbeck - Andy Jude