On the way down we explored three faces of the Glarus, a particularly forbidding mountain not far from the airfield. The top was in cloud and the rest of it was spiky rocks and icefalls. I think Roger was impressed by it's evil brooding look, not to mention the sink coming off it.

The forecast was indeed correct and it took an hour to grind up to 7000' in 1/2kt, all within a few kms of the airfield. We could see cumulus forming above the peaks at the southern end of the valley so set off in that direction, only to spend another hour climbing gently 10Km away.

We finally caught a 3kt climb to 9000' and were able to reach the head of the valley and slip over into the Chur area where conditions were better. Soon we were at 11800' on the south side, running towards Andermatt. As it was getting late and the area near Mollis appeared to be filling with medium cloud, we turned short and crossed back into our home valley via a different pass.
This flight was a good alpine workout, with plenty of holding and rock-polishing but a bonus of a nice little cross country at the end in better conditions. We celebrated in the usual way with beer & schnitzel.
Another sunny start to the day with the forecast giving weak thermals in our area but not much shower activity. It took some time before the valley breeze set up but Roger & I launched at 1315 and took a low tow onto 'The Knob' at the SW end of the Wallensee.
13 ready for launch at Mollis
Towing round the "knob" at Mollis
Aerial view of Mollis