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WelcomE to MY WebSites

A random collection you might think, but most have developed from my interest in flying and more specifically gliding. There are some amazing pictures and flight naratives tucked away and if you are at all interested in flying or gliding you are welcome to explore the content.

The 13 website chronicles the flights and achievements of the glider I fly, there are hundreds of pictures here, along with the trip logbook and quite a few narrated flights. You might also find the pictures of and from my RV7 of interest.

Under the seperate heading of Expeditions are a number of documented trips, mainly to Europe but a couple to Africa. Some of the earlier websites are a bit basic but they still tell their story.

Looking after Tugs and Cadets at the London Gliding Club has generated two standalone websites.

The Weather links website is just that, a number of useful links for us to use to try and establish what the weather will be and how we can get the best glider cross country flights from it.

The galleries, over the past couple of decades I have taken many photographs. As an airline pilot and glider pilot many of these are aerial shots and there are many skyscapes too. Holidays feature and also some more remote locations. I have a lot to add so keep checking, I will get round to it eventually.

Oh, and a blog which gives or gave a more instant snapshot of a day's efforts and cover my recent trips to Namibia, Morocco and Ontur in Spain. A photo and paragraph per day more or less.