Euro 2011

13 is an EB28 glider, 2 seats and a huge 28 metre wingspan along with an engine to facilitate self launching. The expedition was to explore the Alps with this wonderful glider. It is rare to have fantastic conditions uniformly across the Alps so with the insight of weather forecasts, satelite pictures and some gut feelings at times we set off with only the departure point decided. Our trip would then unfold as the actual weather showed it's hand and dictated our locations.

We chose Pontarlier to start from, high up on the French Jura and also the shortest distance from the UK. It proved to be a good choice and we moved on to Bolzano, Sondrio and Sisteron before completing the expedition in Til Chatel.

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Rob Ed

Robin and Ed were the pilots

Dan was ground crew, driver, launch assistant and local drink and food sampler

Dan also kept a diary for everything non-flying!

Click on Dan's Diary to see how the trip started
We flew on all 11 days, most flights were exceptional and we have illustrated some of those. In all we flew over 70 hours and covered more than 6500 kilometres mainly over the Alps


Pontarlier to Bolzano

Austria and the Dolomites

Bolzano to Sondrio

The High Alps

Switzerland inc Bernina up close

Sondrio to Sisteron

French wave

The Great Escape


A map of each flight shows the route taken using information from our flight logger, you can see this at the beginning of each story. Below is a compilation of all the flights that we did on the trip