Dick has erected a covered glider parking area complete with underground water ballasting system

On and around New Tempe

John Reed seen flying LS6 "JCB" over the characteristically rich red soils of this part of South Africa

New Tempe airfield, unusually square with hard runways right and far for powered traffic, grass runs for gliders near and left. The gliding club is located amongst the trees on the nearside. Picture faces West.

Paul Watson having just landed in LS4 "ETG"
Dick Bradley giving the morning's Met Briefing - perfectly balanced - an African thing I believe
The morning line up, soon to be launched into the early cu.
Afternoon thunderstorms, a frequent occurrence. The outflow often producing fiercesome dust storms with winds up 40kts in the gust fronts
All hands required to hang on to the buffeted gliders, usually a "reddening" experience
Koffiefontein, a popular TP and home to the second largest diamond mine in South Africa.
A typical racing finish - here Robin May in LS8 "X1"