Slovenia, Italy and Switzerland from St. Johann?

A good looking day in prospect. A flight of challenges was planned.

Almost ready, a few cu popping in the high mountains.


Amazing sight of around 50 paragliders coming off the lift at Zell-am-see and spiralling upward to a cloudbase of 12000'


Crossing over into the Southern Alps just East of the Grossglockner.


As expected lowering cloudbase towards Noetsch and Slovenia.


Back over the higher ground with regular 13000 bases.


Thickening cirrus as we approach the Engadine suggests we turn East, we'll do switzerland another day.


A nice little climb..


...followed by a great run over the high ground with base now 15000'


Time to route back to the North just South of Niederoblarn.


Our super guest house, just a stroll from the centre of St. Johann



Touchadown at St. Johann after another great day.