Wiener Neustadt to St. Johann

A late start into a decent sky with a plan to fly to St. Johann and spend a couple of days there before returning to Wiener Neustadt. Our Paj and trailer stuck in Wiener Neustadt still.

Conditions looking better after a slow departure from the Wiener Neustadt area. Here, near Trieben, the base has gone up to 9000'


The higher mountains West of Niederoblarn with bases around 11000'



The Grossglockner, a lot of snow for mid June.


Approaching the Zillertal, South West of the Gerloss Pass. Some CBs going off on the Italian side.


The Wilderkaiser, just North of St. Johann.


Approaching the Kitzbuhlerhorn for a photo shoot with Dave Starer and Conny Andersson already positioned on the summit.








Approach and landing at St. Johann.