Wiener Neustadt to the Oberalp Pass and back

Not to be put off by failing to complete the previous day's out and return, we try again. Conditions are a little better and we leave 40 minutes earlier. Unfortunately the thermals turn out to be very difficult to fly in. A light Northly wind seemed to be putting a spin on the energetic thermals such that it was almost impossible to complete a circle in them. The average was better then yesterday at 4.1kts but the thermals were peaking around 8kts, if only we could have got into them. Still it was a long day and we turned the Oberalp Pass in Central Switzerland at 3pm some 590km from Wiener Neustadt. Chose a Southerly route to the Brenner Pass and were rewarded with the best climb of the day over the Engadine to 13000' at 7.6 kts. A reasonable speed was achieved back as far as Niederoblarn where it became apparent that Eastern Austria had spreadout cloud and patches of rain over it. Our last climb was near Trieben and we resorted to firing up the engine approaching Kapfenburg after soaring 1085kms. Two more thermals would probably have got us back unaided.

Approaching the main valley North of Timmersdorf we can see the North side is working today and we are able to use this less difficult route


Looking towards Eissenerz and the North side around 1030am


Passing North of the Grossglockner, we are now generally above 10000'


Taken just after the turn, South of Chur with Samaden off to the right. Cloudbase now around 11000'


Our longest flight at 1084kms, with 1162km done in total, and a flight time of 11hrs 12mins. Having got out after all that time there were no aches, pains or difficulty walking - proof that the EB28 cockpit is very comfortable. Only beer and schnitzel required for full recovery.