Saal to Wiener Neustadt

A blue start in prospect but the flight is running towards lower pressure so should improve as we move South East. We discover Wiener Neustadt had been overcast and unsoarable until the afternoon and the locals a little surprised by our flight in from Germany. A classic case of following the weather. We are now located in what should be the ideal location at the East end of the Alps for the next few days.




A blue start, though convection did reach 5000'


After Bayreuth small cu appeared and eventually a decent sky over the Bayerischerwald


Route took us into the Czech Republic


Crossing the Danube where the Bayerischerwald meets the Alps


A small detour to the Semmering Pass, 40km West of Wiener Neustadt


On final glide to Wiener Neustadt by the Semmering Pass