Euro 2000 Gliding Expedition

29th July 2000 - Ontur to Calamocha

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Flight trace (.igc)

Duo and 13 awaiting their final departure from Ontur - Destination unknown.

Cloud but with lowish cloudbase allowed us to leave Ontur at 1pm. Initially towards Almansa and then North to the spectacular Rio Jucar gorge. Conditions now turned blue and with relatively low altitude the gliders took a NW course to remain over landable terrain around Motilla. After about 100km, cu became visible over the Sierra de Mira mountains to the East of us. Eventually we reached the good air but not before Ed in the Duo was "saved by a shite hawk". Cuenca Sotas our enroute airfield came and went in good conditions (10000' CBase). Our next problem was to cross a very high totally unlandable mountainous area, known as Alto Tajo, to the North. A few wisps of cu strategically placed, enabled us to make the crossing over the most stunning scenery to date.

Enroute to Calamocha

Unfortunately, the route North to the Sierra Moncayo looked washed out and blue. We decided to track East and route South of Zaragoza, but the whole area of the Ebro valley had been scoured by a strong NW valley wind. With not much choice left we did a tactical landing at Calamocha. Pete then flew YM over from Zaragoza completing the link up of the team.

Destination now known - Calamocha.


13: 1 flight 5:25 350km RM + TB

LGC: 1 flight 5:40 350km ED + RC

YM: 0:40 PC

Sat Pic at 1600, shows the few clouds formed as a convergence over the Alto Tajo.