Euro 2000 Gliding Expedition

28th July 2000 - Thermals to 14,000' !

Flight trace (.igc)

Sierra de la Sagra 7818'

What a difference a day makes. Very similar to yesterday except that the thermals were better organised and generally went to 8000'. Over the mountains to the west of Ontur a few cumulus puffs indicated a breaking of the inversion. Both the ASH and the Duo managed to climb to 12000' in this area. Then followed a fantastic run to the South West and back. 240km O/R. Cloudbase was 14200', best thermal 9.8 knots. Best run 90km at 190kph whilst losing only 2000'. Al and Phil both flew the K21 solo for 1:45 each. Meanwhile, Pete in YM had flown from La Rochelle to Biarritz. He was forced to wait here until the afternoon due to low cloud and Cb's over the mountains. Conditions improved a bit later, which allowed Pete to make the tricky flight to Zaragoza.

A serious climb - 8.9 kts average passing 12850' towards the max. height of 14250'!!

13: 1 flight (4:25 ED + RM 360km)

LGC: 2 flights (3:20 DS + TS 220km, 1:30 DS + RC)

K21 GBB 2 flights (1:45 AI, 1:45 PW both solo)

Sat Pic 1600. Those isolated cu too small to show.