Euro 2000 Gliding Expedition

27th July 2000 - Very hot again - too stable for X Country

Flight trace (.igc)

13 over Ontur airfield.

Deliberate late start to avoid the early sweaty climbs away from site. However, even taking off after 4pm the thermals were still poor and only local flights were made. YM managed to get to La Rochelle after an unplanned diversion into Rennes due to thunderstorms on track.

Tom Sage in the ASW19.

13; 1 flight 2:55 and only a local flight, the pilots were Robin and Phil.

LGC 1 flight 2:15 the pilots were Ed and Dave.

Tom S did 2:00 in the ASW19 today.

Also Al went up in the K21 GBB with Brian Spreckley for 1:30.

Sat Pic at 1600