Euro 2000 Gliding Expedition

26th July 2000 - Blue today and very very hot, some shear wave!

Flight trace (.igc)

Brian Spreckley giving morning Briefing


Caution was the order of the day. Convection was slow to build up and for a few hours was decidedly tricky. The Duo had a long struggle and eventual escape from a few hundred feet near Almansa. The thermals eventually reached 8500', the wind up to 8000' was non-existent but above suddenly became 25 knots generating some small areas of shear wave. The ASH and two other gliders managed to climb to 11800' in this.Thermals after 7 pm proved to be the strongest and most relaxing of the day. Dave and Phil took the K21 up for 2:15 getting the whole team airborne for few hours.

Quote of the day;

Ed: (Describing the low scrape) "We were going at a snail's pace". Tom S: "We knew because we could see the snails!"

Just before launch

13: 1 flight 7:45 325km, the pilots were Robin and Al.

LGC: 1 flight 7:55 325km, the pilots were Ed and Tom S.

Also today Dave and Phil took a K21 (GBB) up for 2:15.

Sat Pic at 1600