Euro 2000 Gliding Expedition

25th July 2000 - An excellent day in Southern Spain!

Flight trace (.igc)

Duo South East of Cuidad Real.

Conditions were generally better than yesterday with better thermals although lower cloudbases, around 8,000 increasing to 9,500' during the day. Both gliders flew a 540 km out and return to a point North of Cordoba in the Sierra Madrona (See trace below). The ASH went on to do another 160 km in a convergence that had set up South of the airfield in the evening. Tom also flew the ASW19 for over 4 hours. All in all an excellent soaring day.

Great looking day, South West of Albacete.

13; 1 flight 7:20 700km Robin and Dave.

LGC; 1 flight 6:00 560km Ed and Al.

ASW 19 HER; 1 flight 4:15 200km Tom S.

Sat Pic at 1700 local. Note the convergences over Spain and the crap weather over France and the UK!