Euro 2000 Gliding Expedition

24th July 2000 - Ontur comes good at last!

Flight trace (.igc)

Watering the Duo.

Yesterday's poor weather gave way to excellent soaring with cloudbase starting at 8000 ft. and gradually improving in places to 12,500 ft. with strong thermals, although some areas remained blue to 7500 ft. The ASH and the Duo flew all day and explored some fantastic convergence lines, some over 150 km. long. As a bonus, DS borrowed Brian Spreckley's ASW19, taking off at 6 p.m., but was disappointed to reach only 11,500 ft and had to land at 8.30 due to lack of night flying instruments.

13 taking off from Ontur.

13: 1 flight 7:50 600km Robin and Tom S.

LGC: 1 flight 7:00 600km Ed and Phil

Dave got his hands on an ASW 19 (HER) today and did 1 flight of 2:30 and a distance of 100km.

Sat Pic at 1700 local