Euro 2000 Gliding Expedition

20th July 2000 - Dunstable to Niort - The long journey to Spain (Part 1)

Early morning departure from Dunstable.

After an 05:30 departure from Dunstable we found ourselves gliding over a glassy English channel with absolutely no wind, except for the sea breezes which were producing tasty cumulus over both coasts. The Cherbourg peninsular was producing an interesting convergence line which opened up into a field of excellent cumulus with bases in excess of 6000'. We just had to grit our teeth and carry on driving. Although we had hoped to reach Bordeaux by evening, our progess was delayed when we discovered a French nail in one of the Duo trailer's tyres. As a result, we didn't quite make our destination and stopped over in Niort. After some searching we found Fawlty Towers, or should that be Les Tours en Panne?



Robin and Ed contemplating the trip ahead.

Duo trailer tyre attacked by a French nail!