Euro 2000 Gliding Expedition

French Gallery

Rigging at Vinon


Preparing to launch at Vinon




The Coupe at the South end of the Parcours

Running along the Parcours


13 over Durance valley North of Vinon


13 landing at Vinon


Aprés-fly at Vinon


YM arriving at St. Rambert in the Rhone valley enroute to Feurs

Unhitching under the rainbow at Feurs


Leaving Roanne enroute Nevers


Approaching Nevers


Magny-Cours - Grand Prix circuit near Nevers


13 taking off from Nevers



Robin and Mathieu Quatrovalet after their flight at Nevers


Cunim over Nevers. Note how it has developed from the picture on the left.

Derigging 13 at Arras at the end of the trip

YM taking off from Arras to Dunstable