Euro 2000 Gliding Expedition

6th August 2000 - SÚzanne to Arras, the last leg

Flight trace (.igc)

On tow towards the UK.


A lot of cirrus greeted us in the morning. Fortunately this moved on before we launched and a good cumulus sky developed with climbs to 4000'. The sky eventually produced a thin spreadout between Cambrai and Arras, but the convection continued underneath. All very English, but then we were getting close.

We decided against aero-towing one of the gliders back across the Channel with so much cloud around. The gliders were derigged, and trailered back from here. YM flew back to Dunstable via Le Touquet.


The final de-rig at Arras

13; 1 flight 4:05 (ED + PW) 200 km.

LGC; 1 flight 2:50 (DS + TB) 200 km.

YM; 1:05 (RM), 1:30 (RM + RC), 2:00 (PC +TS).

Sat Pic for 1600 shows the cloudy scene as we approached the English Channel.