Euro 2000 Gliding Expedition

4th August 2000 - Feurs to Nevers

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Flight trace (.igc)

Another flight from Nevers crossing the River Loire.


Extensive microlight activity and not a lot of space had us moving down the road from Feurs to Roanne for our launch. Conditions proved to be showery with quite a low cloudbase between 2000-3000 agl, with large dead areas. We carefully made our way North to Nevers via Moulins. Two more flights were made from Nevers which exploited the long leading edge of an approaching shower line.

13 over Nevers

13 2 flights 2:30 (RM+TB) 150km 1:30 (RM+Mathieu Quatrovalet) 60km

LGC 2 flights 2:40 (ED+PC) 150km 2:05 (DS+PW) 60km

YM 2:00 (DS, TS, TB, PW, AI, PC)

Satpic for 1600 shows the outbreak of showers in Central France.