Euro 2000 Gliding Expedition

3rd August 2000 - Tactical move to Feurs in the Central Massif

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YM makes an aerial rendez-vous with the ground crews.


A second day in the Southern Alps has been thwarted by the arrival of a stalling cold front. Rather than wait for two days and a possible clearance we decided to cut and run to the North West and the edge of the weather. Everyone flew in YM whilst repositioning to Feurs in the Central Massif.

YM in the limelight at Feurs

YM 3 flights

1. Vinon to Pierrelate (PC + AI + TB 0:40)

2. Pierelatte to St. Rambert (DS + TS + PW 0:35)

3. St. Rambert to Feurs (RM + RC + ED 0:35)

Sat Pic shows a clearer area on the North side of the Central Massif.