Euro 2000 Gliding Expedition

2nd August 2000 - Vinon: foray into the French Alps

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Flight trace 1 (.igc)

Flight trace 2 (.igc)

YM about to launch us in Vinon.


Medium-level instablility and forecast showers suggested that a new destination would be difficult to achieve. We decided to stay in Vinon for the day and fly each glider twice. Although mountain flying conditions were difficult, we managed to reach Lac du Serre Poncon and fly the Parcours.

Running Montdenierre in 13.



The Duo landing at Vinon.

13: 2 flights 3:30 (RM + RC) 180 km 3:00 (RM + AI) 150 km

LGC 2 flights 3:30 (ED + PW) 180 km 2:30 (ED + TB) 150 km

YM 1:20 (PC, DS, TS)

Sat Pic at 1600 shows major development over the alps. Our day confined to the Southern part of the French alps.