Ed & Rob flying D-KSSK, the second EB28, from Bitterwasser in Namibia. January 2006

Palm Alley, Bitterwasser


D-KSSK owned by Klaus Seeman, the first production EB28


Bitterwasser pan


Bitterwasser Lodge


On finals to 09 Hangar, at Bitterwasser


Palm Alley at night


Evening storm, Bitterwasser


Front seat in D-KSSK


The tablelands West Namibia


A convergence line on the edge of the Namib Desert.

This allowed us to fly for 442km without circling. 2hr 24mins at 184 kph!


Massive dunes of the Namib Desert


Pokweni pan and airfield


Low lying dunes around Bitterwasser


Land out at Mariental, Bitterwasser is completely consumed by the storm


Pokweni under water after the storm




Bitterwasser; the lodge, the beer, the breakfast and the accommodation

All photos by Ed Downham and Robin May, January 2006