13 in Rieti (August 2006)

Early morning at Rieti, Mt Terminillo behind. A good day to come



Rieti Town and Airfield with Terminillo behind



Mount Terminillo



Running Muria just South of Rieti. Not so steep! but usually provides a good energy route to the steeper ridges further South



Running the ridge to Mt. Velino



Passing South of L'Aquila with Terminillo on the skyline, the valley here is c. 2200' asl.



Joining the ridge at Gran Sasso



Running the Gran Sasso ridge Eastbound with it's high plateau to the right and the sea air on it's Northern flank



The very East end of the Gran Sasso ridge, sea air below and the Adriatic about 30km away



Gran Sasso running Westbound, the sea air on the right makes for a fast run when there is a South Westerly breeze. Ahead the high cloudbase above the Western end of Gran Sasso. It's around 10,000' with 6-8 kts lift



Lake Campotosto showing the sea air to the North East



North West from Campotosto showing a fabulous street leading to Mt. Vettore, just visible in the far distance, Mt Gorzano slightly to the right provides a fast run to Vettore



Running that street to Vettore



Gran Sasso from the ground at Assagio, main peak 9551' asl just visible



Heading home below the West end of Gran Sasso, one the fastest ridge runs in the area

Photos by Robin May