"Oh man, that is just the WAY to fly. I was just sittin' in an armchair, I tell you" Lloyd


"She (13) just wants to fly, just as much as we do" Rob
"I worry about you" Steve to Rob


Steve to Walter, on first meeting, in immaculate German: "what's the glide angle?"
Walter shrugs
Steve persists: "is it better than an ASH?"
Walter: "ja"
Steve: "Is it better than an ETA?"
Walter: "mmm nein"
Steve: "is it somewhere between an ASH and an ETA?"
Walter: "mmm vielleicht (perhaps) "


Robin, on 13's first hill soaring of Pen-Y-Fan: "there's only one way to climb a mountain, and it's not in hob-nail boots"


"Awesome, it's just 'uckin' awesome" Anon


"Shit, it's like flying my house" Doug Lingafelter


Rob to Olly: "can you do this.........?"
Olly to Rob: "no problem"
Syndicate motto "no problem"




"it's such a wonderful sophisticated machine.....and it's all just for FUN!" Alan Harrison


"Welcome to Scotland, however brief the visit. You only know what's not possible when you try something others think outrageous and then almost pull it off. Its a dividing line that needs regular calibration. Congrats on (another) superb flight."

John Williams after attempt at new O/R record to Scotland on 18th May 2010.